Homemade Hair Removal Method Is Dream Come True

"I was just reading about homemade hair removal. Can you believe that in ancient times people actually put crushed cat poop and vinegar on their skin to remove hair?" Gross. I think I'd rather deal with the hair.

"So, why are you reading about this stuff?"

"Going to the salon for regular waxing appointments is expensive. I've got to trim my budget. I've been hearing a lot about homemade hair removal methods and I thought I'd look into it."

While Luke watched the ball game, Tracie continued her reading. She found recipes for sugaring and Haldi paste. She read about using abrasives and something called threading. These methods were new to Tracie but all were derived from ancient beginning. Tracie was intrigued.

As she read about these methods, she quickly discovered that threading and Haldi paste were not good options for her hair removal needs. Threading looked like it would take a lot of practice. Twisting the threads just right would be difficult for a beginner. Tracie needed a method she could start using right away.

She discovered that Haldi paste contains turmeric. The warnings about yellow staining were enough to turn fair-skinned Tracie in another direction. And wasn't tumeric a spice?

Abrasives are not exactly homemade. At one time, people used pieces of rock and sand. That's close to homemade. It's using nature, right? Tracie decided she'd like to try buffing as it's called now, but would rather use a pre-made product. Tracie had narrowed her search to sugaring.

Sugaring is very similar to waxing, which Tracie had been using for years. With the simple recipe she found, Tracie was confident that she had discovered the homemade hair removal method to suit her needs. All she needed to get started was some sugar, lemon juice, water, and some cotton fabric.

Tracie mixed the sugar, lemon juice and water together and put the mixture on the stove to heat. It had to be just the right consistency, so she had to watch it carefully and test it often.

It wasn't as easy as she first expected, but it wasn't hard. While she waited for the paste to cool, Tracie found the cotton fabric she needed and cut it into strips.

After dusting her legs with baby powder, she began spreading the sugar paste on a small portion of her lower leg. She had downloaded a video so she could make sure she was applying the paste correctly.

With the growth, then against the growth, now cover with the cotton. She had to pull the strip with the growth instead of against the growth as in waxing.

"It works! I can really do this."

Inexpensive, simple and effective, homemade sugaring paste was the answer to Tracie's unwanted hair problem.

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