What's Your Favorite Hair Removal Product?

I noticed that people who remove hair always have a favorite hair removal product.

I recently arrived at a small South American village. As I usually do when I arrive at a new destination, I go for a walk to get my bearings.

In the "plaza" where much of the days business is carried out I came across a small section by the sidewalk where a few barbers plied their trade. The set their stools and were attempting to entice customers.

A lady that was rushing through the crowd, pulling a child behind her, came up to one of the barbers. After exchanging a few words she went of to the next. On her third attempt, she had the child sit.

The barber flashed out his scissors, his one pair of old and oily scissors. His hair removal product, his livelihood. The child immediately sat still as a firm hand was placed on his shoulder holding him firmly against his seat.

With crisp movements the scissors teared into the straight hair. A strong autumn breeze tearing off dry leaves.

It was over in minutes. A perfect haircut, as the barber hadn't limited himself with the need for a style - everything came of leaving a very short fuzz on top and enormous ears sticking out.

On the next stool another barber flourished the cover sheet with a style that could have been the envy of any self respecting matador. A middle aged man had sat down.

"How would you like your haircut, sir?"

"Quietly" was the dry reply.

He started to comb the hair backwards. Then sideways. Then forwards. All the time his little finger sticking out, emulating the manners of a court barber. He danced around his customer in short mincing steps. His customer was not amused.

"Now!" said the customer.

The artist froze for a second, then proceeded to take out his pair of scissors and used them professionally, simply.

He then took out a straight razor. A beautiful instrument and obviously his favorite hair removal product. It was shiny, well kept and old. Very old. He opened it pulling out the blade. He had probably inherited it from his grandfather. The width of the blade a memory of better days.

He quickly lathered his customers face and proceed to wipe his razor against a leather belt. His eyes, bright and shiny as he leaned towards his customer, whose eyes on the other hand were bulging seemingly enormous.

He immediately attacked the neck with marvelous economy of movement. It was all over in seconds. The crowd watched in amazement.

With the grace of a matador he removed the sheet from his customers shoulders and bowed.

The man, humbled, stood up, paid and left.

Our matador looked into his hand and smiled at the tip.

On the next stand, a young barber rushed ahead as if over worked. There were four more people in line waiting for his professional attention. His scissors flashed around the head of his customer, providing a quick and exact hair cut.

We, the onlookers then heard the buzz of his electric shaver as he applied it to his client's face. His favorite hair removal product a marvel of modern technology.

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