Unwanted Body Hair Removal Got You Howling At The Moon?

Do your friends call you, "The Werewolf Of London"? You know it's time to get serious about unwanted body hair removal when your friends are always singing that Warren Zevon classic. You know the words ... "He's the hairy handed gent who ran amuck in Kent ... Ah-oo! Werewolves of London".

Unwanted body hair may cause embarrassment, especially for girls, women, and teenagers. Fortunately there are usually no long-term health effects and appearance is the only issue. Excessive back and facial hair removal is a great solution.

Especially for anyone who has ever wondered if they should have been the star of the movie, "I Was A Teenage Werewolf", or decided to run off and join the circus.

What causes this "Werewolf Syndrome"?

Everyone has two types of hair. Vellus hair is soft, fine, and almost invisible. You probably know vellus hair better as "peach fuzz". Most females have the appearance of hairless skin even though they have vellus hairs on their face, back, and chest.

The dark, coarse, and occasionally curly hairs found on the head, underarm, and pubic areas of both males and females are called terminal hairs. Most male facial and body hair is terminal hair.

The vellus hair growth is not affected by hormones, but terminal hair usually is. Once a fine, soft vellus hair has changed into a coarse terminal hair, it is usually permanent and will not change back.

Unwanted body hair is usually due to heredity or a hormone imbalance. In some cases, undesirable body hair is caused by a medical problem, which can be serious. Excessive body hair is generally found in specific areas.

Body hair grows on the face, chest, pubic area, and armpits because of male hormones called androgens. Testosterone is the most common of these hormones. Terminal hair growth in these areas is normal for males, usually beginning at puberty.

Unwanted facial hair and chest hair on females is abnormal and usually due to a high level of male hormones or an overall hormone imbalance. Excessive hair growth in the arm pits and pubic area is also due to male sex hormones.

This type of thick hair growth, or hirsutism, is only abnormal in females. Females of some ethnic groups may have more body hair than others but this does not necessarily mean that they suffer from hirsutism.

Excess body hair also grows in areas that are not controlled by sex hormones. This hair growth is not limited to any specific area. It can occur all over the body, or in just one small area. This type of unwanted body hair, called hypertrichosis, can occur in males or females.

Unwanted Body Hair Removal Methods

You want to be able to stroll around the block when a full moon is out without worrying about being chased by neighbors with silver bullets.

One hair removal option is hormone treatments to correct your male sex hormone imbalance, but this will not correct your problem overnight.

It took years of hormone imbalance to cause your, "Werewolf Syndrome", and it will take a long time to get them rebalanced. The good news is that when your hormones are perfectly rebalanced, no new unwanted body hair growth will occur.

The bad news is that the existing excessive body hair will not go away even when your hormones are rebalanced. Removal of this unwanted body hair must be done in some other way.

There are several proven methods of unwanted body hair removal you can use, including electrolysis, laser hair removal, body waxing, and chemical treatments (depilatories). All of these methods are either expensive, painful, very time consuming, or can cause skin irritations.

Of course, there is another inexpensive, safe, and fast method of unwanted body hair removal used by literally millions of people every day. Cure your "Werewolf Syndrome" in minutes instead of hours.

Then you can dance in the moonlight and will never again have to hear anyone say ... "Ah-oo!"

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