The Best Hair Removal System - The Saga

My girl friend and I were at the beach a few months ago when we noticed that many other couples were lacking in body hair. They looked very attractive so we decided to follow suit and remove ours. In fact it was such a good idea we decided to start immediately.

That's when our first problem arose. I normally use a razor and so does she. And frankly it was a bit daunting as we realized the amount of hair we had to remove - just in case you are imagining the wrong things let me clarify that most of it was mine.

Now I have been shaving for years, but the idea of passing a razor all over my body didn't seem like a good idea. I could easily look forward to all the foam but definitely not the razor.

As we are quite smart we easily overcame the first problem. We wouldn't use razors.

That wasn't really a problem, after all we were only looking for the best hair removal system available. Not exactly rocket science.

Or was it?

Which takes me to our second problem, it wasn't insurmountable either. It wasn't exactly life or death. It was more like those exasperating little things that annoy you. Quite a foolish thing really.

We found we had too many choices. Life used to be so much simpler when you could choose between two or three things. Now it's hundreds. Too many choices when we only wanted one. The best hair removal system; surely we weren't asking too much, were we?

The other problem was that my girl friend knew too much about the subject. One of the first things she mentioned was waxing. To me it sounded a bit a of a mixture between Madame Toussaud's wax figures and receiving a live introductory course on slow cooking. No, thank you! I only wanted to eliminate some hair. The "lots of people do" argument didn't impress me very much. I would probably end up looking like a lobster. A boiled one at that.

When she went on about laser beams and electric currents (I have to admit I did some research later and it is electrolysis) I started getting quite extraordinary images flashing through my mind. I would love to see someone else going through this, but I got over my guinea pig complex a few years back.

We were back to square one.

Have you ever noticed there are times you get an idea in your head, and the more obstacles you find the more impatient and demanding you get? This was one of those times.

We ended the night, with all our hair intact, and exchanging a couple of words of very polite conversation.

The next day we again went to the beach, silently, politely and with all our hair weighing on us. I had never even realized that hair weighed anything. It can, take my word for it. Which come to think of it was a very good reason for finding "the best hair removal system" and getting rid of that extra weight.

I was beginning to hate that phrase.

There we were, on the beach, pretending we were enjoying ourselves. I decided that as I hardly ever took the first step in making up it would be the gentlemanly thing to do. I turned with open arms and said with all the emotion I could gather,
"Honey, come over hair".

I froze, while she just looked at me in complete bewilderment. Her lower lip started to tremble and her eyes began to screw up. What on earth was I thinking about?

And then she roared with laughter and I began to laugh, and we hugged and we laughed until tears were streaming down our cheeks.

Once we regained control of ourselves a couple who were next to us came over and we started chatting. We suddenly noticed they had removed the hair from their bodies, so we told our story and asked the question. How do you ...?

Some things in life are so simple, so obvious, we just don't see them and we end up making mountains out of mole hills.

We found and now use the "Best Hair Removal System". It was all as simple as that.

Oh, I nearly forgot, if you are interested in finding it, visit ... best hair removal system

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