Shaving Your Head Saves You Money

How much do you spend every month keeping your hair looking neat? Shaving your head could save you a pile of money. You spend more on your hair than you probably realize.

Of course, there is what you pay to go to the barber or beauty salon to get a haircut. But that's only part of it. Think about how much you pay for shampoo and conditioner.

Don't forget mousse, styling gel, hairspray - Whatever you use to keep your hair in place and looking neat. Do you use a blow dryer? Shaving your head will eliminate all of these costs too.

Time is money. Imagine all the free time you will have to do other things when you don't have to wash, dry, comb, brush, and style your hair.

You need less time to get ready when you shave your head. Many head shavers use that extra time to sleep a little longer in the mornings.

Tips For Shaving Your Head

Before you actually shave your head, you need to do some preparation to guarantee a nice smooth head after you are finished. You can't start shaving your head if your hair is too long.

Make sure that you trim your hair short with scissors or hair clippers before you shave your head. This will ensure that the razor doesn't pull your hair or slip and cut your scalp.

Next wash your head with warm water to moisten the hair and relax the skin on your head. This makes shaving the hair on your head much easier and safer.

Apply a generous amount of a shaving cream or gel and work it into your scalp. The better the lubricant is worked in, the closer and smoother your shave will be.

Use long smooth strokes and do not apply pressure. Make sure to keep the razor blade clean by rinsing it with warm water.

The blade will slide easily over your head, giving you a close, smooth shave. Shaving the same area of the head twice may cause ingrown hairs or irritation. Continue shaving until your head is completely shaved.

After You're Finished Shaving Your Head

Wash your head with warm water after shaving to remove any excess shave cream. Then rinse again with cold water to help close the pores and firm up your scalp.

Dry your head by patting it with a towel, not by rubbing, and apply a skin moisturizer to condition your scalp.

You may also use an astringent like witch hazel or aftershave to soothe the scalp after shaving your head. Lotions that contain lots of alcohol will evaporate quickly and not provide much real soothing.

Shaving your head properly requires using the right techniques and the right tools. You now know how to get a perfect head shave and all you are missing is the right tool.

Stop wasting your money continually buying new razors and blades. You owe it to yourself and your wallet to see the tool that shaves your head perfectly every time, without ever needing new blades.

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