Pubic Shaving Means Intimate Hair Fun

Males and females everywhere are doing it. No, not the Macarena. The latest craze is not a dance, it's a fashion statement. Pubic shaving. Intimate hair removal and designs.

Shave it bare down there and experience what men and women around the world are doing to add some excitement to their lives.

Pubic shaving is nothing new, it was practiced by ancient civilizations centuries ago. They discovered that intimate hair removal has many benefits - Improved hygiene and increased sexual arousal are the most obvious.

Bacteria and germs can collect and grow rapidly in the warm moist intimate hair. Pubic shaving or trimming all but eliminates this health issue. Your genital area is neater, cleaner, and less likely to give off undesirable odors when you trim or remove pubic hair.

Males and females both know that their sexual sensations are enhanced by having smooth skin in their pubic regions. This increased arousal is due to both seeing their partner's bare genital area and by feeling the smooth skin against their own.

Male Pubic Shaving Benefits

Males who also remove the intimate hair from their penis and scrotum find that the smooth skin is much more sensitive and excitable after pubic shaving. Their partners do as well.

Pubic shaving will allow you to easily slip on a condom. No more fumbling around worrying about getting your intimate hair pinched and losing your erection.

Your penis will appear much larger by shaving your pubic hair. In most cases, over 20 percent larger. This is because the intimate hair at the base actually covers about one fourth of your penis.

Female Pubic Shaving Benefits

Thick or long pubic hair can hide a female's genitals and make it difficult for her partner to see or find what they are looking for. Pubic shaving or trimming increases her lover's arousal and her own sensations.

Many females are unfamiliar with their own genitals due to them being completely covered by intimate hair. A female who practices pubic shaving and intimate hair removal becomes more aware of her genitals and sexuality.

Pubic Shaving Benefits For Males And Females

If you shave your pubic hair, you won't have any to get stuck in your zipper.

Shaving pubic hair has benefits for your partner as well. Especially if your lover enjoys a soft, smooth intimate area and finds it sexually exciting. A female's partner can see what they are doing, resulting in a more pleasurable experience for both.

People who enjoy oral sex often find it more pleasurable when their partner's tongue caresses their genitals directly. Their partner also does not have to worry about getting hair in their mouth.

Pubic shaving is great for bonding with your partner. Not to mention erotic and pleasurable for both the pubic shaver and the partner receiving the shave.

So - Grab your partner, light some candles, and put on your favorite romantic music. Then grab the most comfortable, fashionable pubic shaver there is.

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