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Gentlemen of all ages:

Come right in and explore a fascinating world that has been shared by males since the dawn of time - Back hair. Take a virtual tour to learn what modern methods of back hair removal are creating civilized gentle-men out of the last remaining Neanderthals.

Beginning at the beginning -

At what age does a male begin to believe he may have just a little too much hair sprouting up all over his body?

Probably as soon as hair begins appearing and he is in the school locker room, drawing stares from the other boys ...

"Wow - You SURE have a lot of hair!", may be said in awe. Because as males are just entering puberty and seeing hair, it's a sign of becoming a man. Of becoming man-ly.

But more often, "Wow - You SURE have a lot of hair!", is said in amazement, with a biting kick to it followed by much laughter and maybe even, "What a freak!"

Kids can be so cruel.

The unfortunate thing is that the cruelty doesn't stop there in the school locker room. But is experienced later in dorm rooms and gym locker rooms and yes, even bedrooms everywhere. Not to mention on the basketball court and poolside or at the beach.

Only difference is, rather than the innocent, "Wow - You SURE have a lot of hair!", and open stares, others now quickly look away so they don't get caught staring and nothing is directly said. That's what growing up and being mature and polite is all about. But the message still comes across loud and clear, "What a freak!"

Obviously, if you're reading this now, you can relate.

And you're looking to learn just what is available for the removal of back hair for men.

Good for you - You've come to the right place.

Just to get you started, here's a sample of what you'll discover within this world created especially for you:

Safe Back Hair Removal For Men

Most of us didn't wish for our excessive and unwanted back hair. It's simply in our genes. Just like whether we're short or tall, or have brown or blue eyes. We get back hair from our parents. Gee thanks Mom and Dad - for this wonderful birthday present.

This unsightly back hair can cause emotional distress and feelings that you don't fit in. Thinking you are some kind of freak who should be in the circus. Being embarrassed to take off your shirt or wear your swimsuit at the beach. Many of us miss fun times with our family and friends because we're ashamed of our back hair.

Maybe you started noticing all that extra hair right after puberty or perhaps later in life, especially in places where you wouldn't expect or want to have visible hair. Unwanted hair doesn't care if you're male or female.

It shows up when and where your DNA says it should. Even when you're a teenager. Or middle aged.

After heredity, the other major cause of undesirable body hair is hormones. This is usually more common with females who have high levels of male hormones. Unwanted hairiness can be due to temporary changes in hormones like during puberty or can be more permanent.

Okay, so I have this back hair. How do I get rid of it? There are several proven methods of back hair removal. You can visit a certified professional, a beauty salon, or do it yourself. Which one is best for you depends on your hair, skin, time, bank account, and tolerance for pain.

Electrolysis involves sticking a needle directly into the hair follicle,, (where the root is), and applying heat to destroy it so that new hair will not grow back. This method is as close to permanent as it gets, but you will need more total time, money, and pain tolerance than for any other hair removal method.

Every single hair on your back must be removed individually and would require weekly visits to a certified professional electrologist for many months before all back hair can be removed. Home electrolysis kits are available, but not recommended because it is very easy to cause serious skin damage.

Laser back hair removal is similar to electrolysis except that the hair is removed with a focused laser beam. The laser uses a frequency that is absorbed by hair but not by skin, resulting in minimal accidental skin damage. People with dark or tanned skin are not good candidates for laser hair removal and require more treatments.

According to the Institute of Laser Medicine in Los Angeles, average laser hair removal treatments are about $500 per session. Other than for small areas such as the upper lip, multiple sessions are required. Complete back hair removal requires at least 4 sessions, depending on skin color and amount of back hair.

Waxing has been used for hair removal for centuries. Hot wax is spread evenly on the skin and a strip of cloth is pressed into the wax. After the wax hardens, the hairs are pulled out by the roots.

This causes some pain and the skin can become red and irritated. Waxing can be done at a beauty salon or at home. If you do it yourself, you need to be careful about skin infections.

Another common method of back hair removal uses creams or other chemical solutions to dissolve the hair above the skin. These creams are called depilatories and can cause skin irritations and burns, especially on sensitive skin areas. You definitely do not want to use depilatories on your genitals.

The fastest, easiest, and least expensive method of removing back hair or any other unwanted body hair is by shaving. Millions of people shave their face, legs, armpits, or pubic areas every day. We are experienced shavers so we should be able to shave our backs with no problem. Right?

Sort of.

We can easily see all of those other areas we shave, but shaving back hair is kind of tricky. Your back is large and has curves, plus you just can't see and reach every square inch. If you've ever cut yourself shaving your face or legs, you can imagine what your back could look, (and feel), like after using a normal razor.

Standard rotary head electric razors aren't much better because they were designed for shaving straight flat surfaces.

Is there really no painless back hair removal that men can actually enjoy?

For answers to this and many other questions regarding back hair removal, just start reading the many highly informative and quite often entertaining articles written by an eclectic mix of knowledgeable writers, whose one goal is to help you help yourself to enhance your looks and achieve a more satisfying lifestyle.

So, are you ready?

Sure you are - That's why you're here!

So, now -

Grab your favorite thirst quencher, get comfortable in your chair, and take the phone off the hook.

Because once you enter this world and begin taking the virtual tour of stories revolving around the remedies for back hair removal for men, you'll be so fascinated you won't be able to get back out for a while.

Just sit back and enjoy!

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