How To Shave Your Body, Carefully!

Very carefully!

I always wanted to say that, what's more I have been waiting for the first opportunity to say so.

So in answer to the question, how to shave your body, the immediate response is very carefully.

The next thing is, if you are a woman, you have an easier job. Basically the odds are you have less hair.

If you are a man, you have a bigger task ahead of you.

Since you are asking, I can safely assume you have overcome the "why" question. (A friend of mine used to refer to this as the "what on earth for" question - but she's passed that stage, she now shaves her body).

Let us set aside the question and go to the answers.

One interesting answer, perhaps not the one you were expecting, is to get a friend to do it for you.

In fact for some people, this is a very good idea from the practical (perhaps enjoyable point of view). Otherwise how can you reach your back; and it will save you a lot of stretching and awkward positioning when you get to your backside.

The next thing would be to find the tool, or set of tools.

A point of order here, since I am resistant to pain, and I mean I abhor pain- not that I can resist it, I will not go into the more modern, hi-tech, science fiction, beaming, lasering or electrocuting methods. I leave that to braver folk than I.

It seems I am back where I started. How to shave your body.

So without further ado:

- you can shave it with a razor
- you can, if you are extremely patient and have a few days in hand, pluck it.
- you can wax it, hot or cold
- you can thread it - a slightly more advanced alternative to plucking. You pull out more hair per go.
- or, you can be smart like me, and do it by trimming and then shaving with electrical products.

I am a practical sort of fellow, so I only shave my face with a wet razor.

Waxing I tried, with some success, but I am not made for this.

I did some plucking. I still do in an absent minded way - strangely enough it is with the occasional extra long eye brow that sticks between my fingers when I am concentrating. Otherwise I used to get bored. Used to because I no longer have hair on my body to get bored with.

My preferred method began with an electric trimmer. I purposely use the past tense as I no longer have hair that is long enough to trim.

The next stage is with my electric shaver. Notice the present tense.

- I start with my arm pits
- follow with my chest; funnily enough I get a tingling sensation round my nipples.
- navel, arms, legs - carefully around the thighs and pubic area.

All this is a maintenance type of exercise. Some areas are repeated at longer intervals.

Having said all that, I have to admit I lied. I don't shave myself.

My girl friend does - I guess that's why I get all tingly, and not just round the nipples.

She's an expert with the electric shaver and as she enjoys it so much, I bought one at ..., and am getting my own back.

I also shave her now.

Regarding the after effects, that's my business, get your own partner and your own shaver.

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