Eight Tips For Shaving Your Pubic Hair Bare Down There

We have all heard about how popular it is these days to have a smooth, bare pubic area. What we haven't heard is how to do it properly. For a safe, satisfying experience, you need to learn those special tips for shaving your pubic hair.

Use ONLY new razor blades to shave your pubic hair. Absolutely, positively EVERY time.

This is the best piece of advice you could ever wish for. Please don't attempt to remove your pubic hair unless you have a good supply of fresh blades.

Now that we have the most important tip out of the way, we can start with some preparation tips prior to actually shaving your pubic hair.

Preparation Tips

Your first step is to trim the pubic hairs relatively short with scissors or a body hair trimmer. This makes them easier to shave and minimizes dulling your razor blade.

Next, take a warm bath or shower to moisturize your pubic hair and to open the pores of your skin. Clean, moist pubic hair is easier to safely shave than dry hair.

Apply a generous amount of moisturizing shave cream or gel. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before you shave. This will ensure that your skin is moisturized and prevent razor burn.

Put a new blade in your razor. Remember to do this every single time. If you plan on shaving your inner thighs as well, make sure you have another new blade handy.

Pubic Hair Shaving Tips

Stretch the skin tight with your free hand and use long, slow strokes to remove your pubic hair. Shaving your pubic hair in the direction that the hair grows is best. This is especially true for the first time.

If you want your pubic area to be extra smooth, try this tip. Shaving your pubic hair in the opposite direction will result in the closest shave possible.

Just be sure not to shave the same area of skin more than twice to prevent skin irritation.

Tips After Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Congratulations! By using these pubic hair shaving tips, you are now the proud owner of a perfectly shaved pubic area. But you're not quite finished yet.

Wash off any excess shaving lubricants with warm water and then rinse the entire shaved pubic area with cold water to help close your pores. Dry your genitals by patting them with a towel, not by rubbing.

To soothe your skin, use a talc-free baby powder or an astringent like witch hazel. Alcohol based after shave lotions will only sting your skin and will not provide any real benefit to your skin.

So, there you have it. Eight tips for shaving your pubic hair. If you've been thinking about removing your pubic hair, but were not sure how to do it, these tips make it easy.

Think about your partner ... Show them you care, shave it bare!

Here's another tip: If you really want to know the secret of shaving your pubic hair without even using a blade, see what convinced an experienced gambler from Las Vegas, Nevada that the odds were in his favor to never buy another razor.

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