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There are several different body hair removal treatment options available in this day and age. In today's society excessive body hair is seen as a "turn off", and most people want to avoid that, so they hunt for different hair removal treatment options to control their unwanted hair growth.

There are many reasons that an individual may want to seek body hair removal treatment. Let's face it, our method of excess body hair removal is a personal decision that we all must make for ourselves.

It really depends on how dedicated you are to the task at hand as to what lengths you will go to to remove that unwanted hair. Body hair removal treatments are costly and require commitment to the hair removal treatment selected.

In order to understand body hair removal treatments you need to first understand about hair. There are three types of hair:

- Vellus: commonly known as "peach fuzz", these hairs are tiny and lack color.
- Intermediate: those hairs that are in between vellus and terminal. They are thin and have some pigmentation.
- Terminal: coarse hairs that are deep rooted, either with pigmentation or gray.
Usually, people are interested in removing terminal hairs as they are the most visible.

All hairs have a three-stage growth cycle. No matter what hair removal method you use, you will be involved with the growth cycle of the hair. Since there are three growth cycles, a single treatment from a hair removal device cannot treat all your hairs.

A word of caution here about hair follicles. There are hair follicles that do not produce hairs on your skin.

These hair follicles can be activated by hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, puberty, menopause, or aging, to name a few. Chemicals or other medical conditions also can stimulate hair follicles.

For these reasons it is possible for an area that has been previously treated to start sprouting fresh hair.

Electrolysis is the only body hair removal treatment that is considered permanent. Electrolysis involves the use of needle epilators that use electric current to destroy hair follicles.

In order to be considered successful, electrolysis requires a series of treatments over a period of time. This requires a considerable commitment of time and money.

The reason that a series of treatments is required with electrolysis is the hair growth cycle. A single electrolysis treatment can only destroy hairs which are present during the current growth cycle.

You need to make appointments at least every other week, sometimes for as long as up to a year in order for the electrolysis treatments to be successful.

One thing to look out for when considering electrolysis, regulation is not standardized from state to state. Operator training requirements vary. The success of the hair removal treatment using this method is directly related to the skill of the operator.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are body hair removal treatments that use lasers and light based machines which cause stable reduction in the number of coarse hairs for up to three months on the treated areas.

Laser hair removal treatments require a commitment to more than one treatment session, and this is considered to be costly by most people's standards.

A laser is a high-energy beam of light that can transfer energy through the skin and target the base of the hair follicle. The energy heats up the base of the hair follicle or root which damages the cells that produce hair growth.

The effect of the laser is most obvious during the anagen growth phase of hair. This is when new hairs are starting to grow and the follicle has increased pigmentation which makes it a prime target for the laser treatment.

Since lasers target hair based pigmentation, blond, white, or gray hairs are less responsive to laser hair treatment.

People with darker pigmentation may not respond as well to laser hair removal treatments as those with lighter pigmentation.

The average number of treatments required for laser hair removal is somewhere between three and eight, each spaced about one month apart.

In conclusion, the body hair removal treatments available today require a substantial investment of time and money, and you must be satisfied that the professionals that you choose to perform the body hair removal treatments are well trained and have good track records.

There are, of course, alternatives to the body hair removal treatment methods discussed here. With some research you can read about one such exciting alternative that's only offered on the internet.

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