Back Hair - A Man's Removal Options

Is unwanted hair causing you embarrassment and ruining your social life? Many a man of all ages suffers from excessive back hair. If he decides to get rid of his back hair, a man has many removal options at his disposal.

These hair removal methods include electrolysis, laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving. Each of these back hair removal products has pain, comfort, and cost factors a man needs to consider before making his decision.

The most common methods of removing back hair are described below, from the most painful to the least painful method.

Electrolysis: This is without question the most painful method of back hair removal a man can choose. A sharp needle is stuck deep under your skin, all the way to the hair root.

A licensed electrologist then sends an electric current through the needle to destroy the hair follicle.

Each unwanted back hair must be separately removed using this procedure. Due to the large area, a man cannot remove all back hair with a single treatment session.

Complete back hair removal will require multiple treatments over several months, and can take up to one year.

Laser hair removal: This procedure is similar to electrolysis except that a man's back hair is removed with a special laser instead of with an electric shock.

A major benefit is that each hair does not have to be individually removed. Although laser hair removal results in less pain than electrolysis, it can still be quite painful.

Complete back hair removal usually requires at least 6 treatments.

Waxing: One of the oldest methods of back hair removal man has used, waxing can be done at a beauty salon or at home. Hot wax is spread on the hair to be removed and allowed to harden.

The wax is ripped from the skin, pulling the hairs out by the roots. All hair may be removed in a single session.

The entire procedure must be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks, when the hair grows back.

Shaving: There is no easier way for a man to remove hair from his back, than by shaving. The tricky part is HOW to shave your back.

A man's back is large and has curves, plus he just can't see his whole back. If you've ever cut your chin while shaving, you can imagine what your back could look like after using a normal razor.

The problem isn't the method, it's the tool.

A personal body shaver is the ultimate back hair removal tool. It's not a razor, since there are no exposed sharp blades. A personal body shaver is the most versatile hair removal system ever invented.

Safe, painless, and easy to use. You don't need a professional beautician to get a hairless, soft, smooth back every time.

See for yourself why men worldwide are trading their razor for the personal shaver designed to be the ultimate back hair removal tool.

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